Date of the next training session

Our Training Center is registered with the Center Region Prefecture under the no. 24 41 00962 41 since 2010. It offers professional training sessions specifically for LED lighting.

Who is concerned ?

All professionals (consultants, installers, …) wishing to discover the applications of LED lighting technology: architects, design engineers, installers, electricians, store fitters, prime contractors, lighting designers, landscape gardeners, urban planners, etc.

Objectives ?

  • Fully understand LED technology
  • Know and manipulate LED lighting products
  • Compare and discover, through practical case studies, what it is possible to do today with LED technology and what are the benefits (integration, connections, fitting time, etc…)

The strong points of this training ?

  • Our training courses can be financed from employee professional training contributions
  • Training dispensed by experts with practical experience: light designers, installers, project managers
  • Interactive and based on practical cases

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