Œuvre de Pascal Convert mise en lumière par NEOLUX LED lighting solutions

New project – Master piece by Pascal Convert in Bègles (France)

A light tribute to workers of Bègles (France): technical challenges and ambitious statements. Read more

New project – Tennis Club of Chantilly (France)

2 new outdoor tennis courts equipped with LED lighting. Read more

Eclairage LED gymnase Pellouard Le Chesnay

New project – Gymnasium Pellouard (Le Chesnay – France)

Renovation : the area for gears, gymnastics and dojo fully equipped in LED lighting technology with Projectio® Multisports. Read more

Paroi de douche éclairée LED. Co-développement NEOLUX LED lighting solutions et Glassolutions Saint-Gobain

New R&D project – Glassolutions Saint-Gobain (shower screen with integrated LED lighting)

Innovation march 2015 : Water and light, a deco effect. Read more

Eclairage LED tennis club Menil d'Asnières

New project – Tennis Club Menil of Asnières (France)

New indoor tennis courts, covered with inflatable structure, equipped with LED lighting in Ile-de-France area: Tennis Club Menil à Asnières. Read more

éclairage LED piscine municipale du Chesnay

New project – Swimming pool of Le Chesnay city (France)

Renovation : 2 fully equipped swimming pools in LED lighting technology with Projectio® Sport. Read more

Éclairage LED Vineo chez veuve Clicquot - NEOLUX LED lighting solutions

New project – Veuve Clicquot in Reims (France)

The staircase to the chalk pits of Veuve Clicquot is LED Vineo® colorated Read more

Éclairage LED Projectio sport présenté au salon Pro Cheval ô centre 2015

LED floodlights Projectio® Sport range presented to Professional Horse Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the presence NEOLUX LED lighting solutions Sport Business Unit at exhibition Pro Cheval ô Centre 2015 on march 12th 2015Read more